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The starting point of F2F-Trust idea is that in all the contemporary countries, the main macro-economic target is to reach the full employment level and make efficient use of resources and especially of human resources. Unemployment or inactivity means that scarce human resources are not being used. Eurostat statistics show that unemployment/inactivity is mainly gender specific and women have been more affected by unemployment/inactivity than men. Wastes of human resources are more costly especially when "work experienced" women do not work. We choose to focus particularly on women, who cannot work due to several personal life limits, although they want to work; together with young women who have talents for handcrafting, but not very efficient in marketing their handicrafts due to lack of knowledge and/or experience.

Mentoring as one of the best possible solutions for both groups, is to better combine work and private life, transfer accumulated knowledge and experience to the individual who needs for also improvement of her productivity. So, underlining the fact that mentors are aware of specific challenges that young women micro-entrepreneurs face and have the ability to identify and engage in opportunities for ongoing reflection and sharing of knowledge and experience at mental level, F2F-Trust model is a win-win model for both participating target groups, who are actually final beneficiaries of the action.

This portal is designed under F2F-Trust project by POINT together with partners' support and aiming to serve as a single point of "knowledge base" for F2F-Trust matters. We invite you to register to exploit the content for free.

F2F-Trust is structured to guide you to reach to the information you seek via two main channels:

► You are a micro start-up handicraft business (Mentee)
► You are an experienced handcrafring person willing to support new starters (Mentor)


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